Fundamental Kotlin - 2nd Edition

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What is Kotlin?

Kotlin is new programming language running on Java Virtual Machine, Android or browser. It is statically typed language and it can be compiled to JavaScript source code (running on browsers).

Kotlin is:

  • - Concise, drastically reduced code boilerplate
  • - Safe, impossible to get an NullPointerException
  • - Versatile, it is general-purpose programming language
  • - Interoperable, we can use existing JVM libs and frameworks.
A team at JetBrains (creators of IntelliJ Idea) developed Kotlin, an OSS language with an army of external contributors.

Kotlin’s benefits over Java are:

  • - It is Java-compatible language
  • - It compiles at least as fast as Java,
  • - It is safer than Java
  • - It is more concise than Java
  • - Reduces codebase significantly when compared to the same code written in Java
Kotlin is OSS language licensed under Apache 2 OSS License.

Project structure

Table of Contents

NOTE: Sample chapters are colored in light blue.

Code Examples

Code Examples

All code examples from the book can be downloaded here. Extract and open it as InlliJ project.
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* To be able to run project with book code examples please follow official IntelliJ Kotlin setup guide.

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Fundamental Kotlin - 2nd Edition

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