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What is Kotlin?

Kotlin is programming language running on Java Virtual Machine, Android, browser or native. It is statically typed language and it can be compiled to JavaScript source code (running on browsers).

Kotlin is:

A team at JetBrains (creators of IntelliJ Idea) developed Kotlin, an OSS language with an army of external contributors.

Kotlin’s benefits over Java are:

Kotlin is OSS language licensed under Apache 2 OSS License.

About the book

ISBN: 978-86-920307-2-7

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Table of Contents

Complete table of contents with sample chapters in PDF format can be found HERE.

Code Examples

All code examples from the book can be downloaded HERE. Extract and open it as IntelliJ Idea project.

Note: To be able to run project with book code examples please follow official IntelliJ Idea Kotlin setup guide.

Sample Chapters

About the Author

Miloš Vasić is a software engineer from Belgrade, Serbia. He is passionate about software development and ways to make it better. When Miloš is not on regular projects, he is spending time learning and investigating new technologies.

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